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Kids Stay Focused

Helps Kids To Be Happy 

Kids Run To Do Their Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness Done While Mom Sleeps

Families Learn To Serve Each Other

Trains Family Members To Love Each Other

The Game Is Effective Long Term

Frustrating to Calm

Trains Kids To Clean

The Dates Build Relationships

My whole neighborhood is going crazy over your Miracle Music Game.   I just had to tell you. 

We love the music!  Everything's getting done! 

So, good job!  Thumbs up! 

- Cathy Pitt

My kids love the game!!!!!  I have 4 girls 7, 5, 4, and 2.  They are actually excited to get up in the morning!!!  It truly is a miracle.  Not only that, but they now have 15 minutes of free time before the school bus comes in the morning and 30 minutes at night!!!  Awesome Cd's!  Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us!  The toy room, my girl's bedrooms and the rest of the house have never been so clean!!!  I thought I wouldn't see this kind of help until they where much older!!! What a wonderful surprise!!  Saskia

Words cannot express how happy this program has made me.  When I found out about it I read the testimonials and thought.  Yeah right.  I was at my wits end and finally ordered the Miracle Music program.  Our house was always a mess and my children rarely did their assigned chores, if they did I had to nag and remind them constantly.   I am SO happy to report a total transformation of my children, house and myself.  Now we just press “Play” and the house is clean and orderly with NO nagging, yelling or reminders.  My 7 year old son actually said, "Wow mom, this is fun", while doing his "act of kindness" formerly known as chores.  What used to be a dreaded chore on Saturday mornings is now done in 20 minutes a day and he is happy. 

My husband takes our 9 and 7 year old sons to school every morning.  He used to be late to work a lot because of them not getting ready on time.  Now our 9 year old is ready early, all of his chores are done and he is smiling not frowning.  This program is nothing short of a miracle for our family.  I have more time to spend with our 2 year old daughter and 11 month old baby boy because I'm not always picking up after everyone and doing their chores for them.  My children even put their folded clothes away without being reminded.  It has far exceeded my expectations and hopes.

Now I feel like we are raising our children up right - happy, responsible and clean.  We haven't even earned 100 points to go on dates yet and I consider it a success.  I can't wait for the dates. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Cindy Gillen

My daughter said that she thinks Heavenly Father sent us the Miracle Music because it has made our mornings and evenings so peaceful.  I feel like I can put my energies into more fun teaching like preparing a summer school instead of exerting so much energy into daily tasks. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Krystal Meldrum

I just wanted to thank you for your inspired program!  It has changed the tone in our home every morning and night.  The greatest gift that this program has given us is the time to read our scriptures every morning together.  I thought I was organized before, but this game has made it so that my children are organized.  In fact, I don't even start the game.  My eleven-year-old has the responsibility to set her alarm and start the game each day.  This has helped me not to sleep in.  I love it!  The wicked witch doesn't have to come out to motivate my children to move faster and stay on task!  We have made these additional orders to give as Christmas gifts to friends.  I can't think of a better way to share the love of the Savior at this time of year, than to give the gift of peaceful mornings and nights to other mothers.

Hi.   I contacted you a few weeks ago about purchasing a Miracle Music game and I just wanted to tell you that we LOVE it!   We have cut our getting ready time in the morning almost in half and my children think that it is so fun.   My almost 5 year old daughter said, "Mommy, this is a fun game!" the first night that we did it and a few days later asked if there was any "afternoon music" when we were eating lunch.   She was ready for preschool 40 minutes EARLY the first day, something that has never happened before. The best part for me is that when we're done getting ready, everyone is HAPPY and excited for the day, instead of everyone feeling angry and frustrated with each other.   Anyway, we think it's great and want to thank you so much!   Nikki

Thank you so much for Miracle Music!   Holy cow, that was amazing!   I couldn't believe it!   My oldest daughter is twelve and she thought that she would just lie in bed all morning and not even listen to it and, no kidding, like, two minutes later they were ALL up racing around doing their things and in the amount of time that the CD went by the kids were completely ready to go for the morning.   It was incredible!   I've never seen it before in my whole life, so, WOW!  Brian

Hi.   I have children that have had a hard time feeling comfortable in our home since they have had to go back and forth to their dad's home a lot.   I started using The Miracle Music Game to help them get into a good routine each day. A few days later my ten year old came up to me and said, "Mom, I feel like we live here now."   A few weeks later I had to leave the kids at home for the evening.   We had misplaced the Evening Schedule CD so I told them not to worry about it.   The daily routine had given my ten year old so much comfort that he, after I left, kept looking for the CD until he found it.  When I came home, the house had been straitened, everyone's pajamas were on, their teeth were brushed and they were in bed.   It was a miracle!  Thanks!  Shauna

I happened to see your advertisement a month or so ago at the Meridian Magazine home page on the same day that my daughter-in-law had called and told me how she had to discipline her two boys (6 and 8) because they dawdled every morning and wouldn't get ready to catch the school bus.   She had threatened, pleaded, punished, etc.   The day I saw your ad she followed thru on her threat to make them walk to school (about a 1 and 1/2 mile walk).   She followed them in her car because she has 2 pre-schoolers and a baby.   Two well intentioned adults stopped to offer the boys a ride.   My daughter-in-law had to get out of her car to explain to the people what she was doing.   One of the adults called the police.   The police stopped her and threatened to call children's services to have her investigated.   He said it would have been okay if she had been walking with them instead of following in her car.   By the time I talked with her she was crying and distraught.   Everything turned out well because the school principal and teachers applauded her for disciplining the boys, but - she, like I, thought there must be a way to motivate them to get up and get going.   Voila, I ordered your program for her.   She is having her first dates with her boys this weekend.   She loves the program.  It has made her and the boys happy again, and they get their chores done as quickly as possible to earn points.


I ordered the second game for my daughter who also has 5 children and is an elementary school teacher.   She was very interested in the program so I thought I would get it for her for Christmas.


I wouldn't have ordered the second one if I had not had the rave reviews from my daughter-in-law. She says it's worth 3 times the cost because it really works.


Thank you.  Gloria

When I read about The Miracle Music Game, I was thinking about my daughter and my daughter-in-law who each had a daughter who was often late for school and grumpy in the mornings and hard to arouse. It made for difficult mornings every school day.  A new school year was starting.  I thought that I might give these as Christmas gifts for the family, then decided to give them now instead.


Both of these daughters are so grateful for the program and what a difference it has made this school year!  Even the carpool asked what happened to the 6 year old girl.  She is happy and ready and chattering away in the morning instead of going with a piece of toast to eat on the way, while she was so grumpy last year.  She has a good breakfast every morning now, and time to have mommy do her hair and the spirit in the house is totally different.


At my son's house, it is similarly peaceful.  Mom had a new baby this summer, and has a two year old as well, but the school kids have taken over to get themselves up and ready for the day.  They have had time for scriptures and family prayer, and still are able to have time to ride bikes to school and play on the playground before school.


I happened to be over there one night last week, helping do some canning, and got to see the "Miracle Music" in action. It was astounding to see them rush around to get ready for bed with no reminders or assistance needed from Mom and Dad.


My son works evenings and is not often there for bedtime routine. My daughter-in-law is so grateful to have one less stress on herself.  Thank you.  Believe me, they are spreading the word!  

I went up to take care of my five grandkids for a week while my daughter went into the hospital to have twins.   I woke up the next morning to the most beautiful music.   The children had put the Morning Miracle Music CD on by themselves.   They all ran to clean up the house, get dressed and ready for school all on their own.


They each had different things that they already knew to do and I watched in amazement as the sack lunches were packed and I didn't have to lift a finger or say a word except "Good bye! Have a good day!   I love you!" as they left for school.   I'd like ALL of my grandchildren to have the game so that they can learn how to be that responsible.  Marilyn

My wife bought your CDs and we are enjoying them – very well done.

It has made our mornings so much more pleasant.


Randy Kartchner / Reality Factor Music

We love Miracle Music.   My daughter loves routines and hates being rushed.   I had a hard time figuring out how to get her to get ready on time for everything and it was a struggle almost everyday.   Some things just got skipped because we ran out of time.  


With Miracle Music she happily follows the instructions and tries to beat the music for each task.   It also helps me to always know what time we have to start getting ready by.   Our mornings are happier now.  Michelle

I have had a hard time focusing on things now that I'm in my sixty's.   It used to take a good part of the day for me to just get the basic things done.   One day my daughter came to stay over night with her little children.   She brought her Miracle Music with her.  


When I saw my grandchildren getting their basics done so quickly and in such a happy way, I thought to myself, "This is the answer that I have been looking for, for myself."   Thank you.  Karen

I just have to write and tell you about the close relationship that Children's Miracle Music has made possible for my daughter and I to have together.   Because we have been able to go out on our "Private Dates" we feel closeness ALL the time.   She will now come and sit down by me and just talk like we are best friends.   It didn't used to be that way.  

Thank you so much!  Kaylynn

We have started it and I love it!  It's funny to see how each of my boys' individual personalities react to this new thing.  My 11 year old walked around saying "This is stupid".  But he did it! Without a struggle!  And without reminders from me.  My 8 year old completely ignored the whole thing but when everyone else was adding up their points, he hurried and got it all done.  Again, without a reminder from me.  My 5 year old eats this up.  He is usually my worst and has to be told again and again to do a task, but this has been wonderful for him.  He'll hurry and is happy the whole time.  I do the tasks with my 1 year old.  I guess when I bought this system I was so glad that it would remove "me" from the equation so I wouldn't be yelling at bedtime when they didn't get ready for bed.  Instead, it has added a more positive "me" to the equation, a mom who pays attention and helps out and spends quality happy time with my four boys.  Thank you so much!  You are the best.  Have a great day!  Amy King

The thing that I really like is that we had chore charts and we also had a family calendar where we would pencil in "date nights" for the month.  We also had a morning to do list to get ready.  This program combines all of that into one.  They get ready, things around the home get done, and they get that date.   Bettina Young


This morning I slept in, and my four year old son came into my room and woke me up saying, "Mommy, aren't you going to start the music?!?" I went down to start it, and they had straightened all their covers and were lying in bed. The kids told me to start the music and they'd pretend like they were sleeping until the first point started. VERY CUTE!  Erika

I received your newsletter about Children's Miracle Music.  I decided to try it out, because I was getting sick and tired of listening to me and my wife nag the kids each morning and evening.  I just wanted to thank you for the recommendation.  It has worked in our family.  We have a 7 year old, a 4 year old and a 1 year old.  For the oldest, it has been amazing.  I've never seen anyone so committed to a program.  She hustles.  Our 4 year old can be a challenge--very independent.  Although she still has somewhat-frequent struggles with staying on task, she generally loves participating and we can get her to help and stay on task more when we "do the music" than we ever could before.  Huge success with her.


Originally I thought this would be a good program for "school days", but the girls won't let us skip a day at all.  It's amazing that even on Saturdays and Sundays, the girls are up and dressed and hair combed and house cleaned by 8:00.  They won't let us skip a day of earning a star.


I just wanted to say thank you for the recommendation, and that we're grateful for this program that has taught us some new principles on parenting and has helped us identify certain needs our children have.  I think it is starting to instill some good lifelong habits in all 5 of us, and I know that's the point of it all.  I really enjoyed sharing some popcorn and snuggling my daughter at the movies a week ago.  Whether we like it or not (and we do, of course), my wife and I have now committed ourselves, because of this program, to do much more of that.  My wife is out with our 4 year old on her 2nd private date as I write this.


My Best,  Steve Ostermiller

I thought that the real benefit of The Miracle Music Game came when I didn't have anything left to clean at 9:00a.m. every morning. I was wrong. My son (age 10) earned his 100 points the other day. He had written on the "Goals" section of the points chart that he wanted to go to the water park with me for his "Private Date". I had so much to do that I didn't want to go and spend my time frivolously. However, the rules of the game say that I should go on the date immediately after the child earns his points. I dropped everything and went with him. We spent the whole afternoon sliding together down large tube water slides. Our favorite "slide" was when he sat in back of me and I held onto his feet. I waved them up and down like I was flying and we both screamed at the rush of it all. I can't even remember when I went swimming last. It was very apparent that I hadn't seen the sun in a long time. We ended up with a secret "hand shake" that included the action of pounding our heads to try and get the water out of our ears. I have to say that getting to know my son and laughing with him has far outweighed the benefit of my clean house and being on time to things. I think that every family NEEDS The Miracle Music Game.

There are few products that meet my stringent requirements of incorporating both rigorous research- and evidence-based practice—i.e., the stuff that really works.  My time and the time of my clients is much too important to waste on “fluff” theories and products.


So when I was exposed to “Miracle” Music, I thought just that, “’Miracle.’ Typical marketing hyperbole nonsense that promises big and delivers small.” Fortunately, I respected the source enough to give it a skeptical test run at least in my home with my own children—specifically  my 7 year-old-daughter who has consistently been very difficult to get motivated and to stay on task in the mornings.


Gimmicks don’t work on me. I haven’t spent all these years educating myself just to be easily duped. There are few things I’ll say are miraculous. I’m simply not easily impressed. This is one of the exceptions. I am not only impressed, I’m blown away by the impact this tool has had in our family. By the second day of using the Miracle Music CD’s my daughter became totally self-motivated and cheerful and excited in the mornings. This was not only unusual, this was unheard of.  My wife and I were both pleasantly astonished and we simply gaped at each other saying, “This IS a miracle.  Who would have thought?”


I don’t endorse products lightly.  Few make the grade. I am happy to add another jewel to my Great Relationships Tool chest.


Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, Relationship Strategist - licensed marriage & family therapist) and speaker

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