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For example, if only 100 people per month bought the game, by clicking on your affiliate link, you would make almost $2,000.00 - per month!!!  If you sold 1,000 games per month you would make $19,970.00 - almost 20,000!!!  


Signing up for our affiliate program will:  

  • Help you make money from home

  • Help mom's to have happy and easy mornings and evenings

  • Help families to show more love to each other, and 

  • Help families to happily maintain a clean home


Here's exactly what to do:

  1. Click on this link:

  2. Sign up to be an affiliate.

  3. Copy your affiliate link.  (To find it, just scroll down on the dashboard page.) 

  4. Test your URL to see if your link is going through to this site, and also connected to your dashboard.  Do this by clicking on your link, see if this site comes up, and then checking to see if a click through registered on your affiliate dashboard.

  5. Share your custom affiliate link and when people buy, you... 

  6. Receive money (commissions).

You can be creative in how you let people know about your affiliate link.  The following are some ideas to get you going.  

  • Create a YouTube account so that you can make comments on YouTube.  Look up mom's on YouTube.  Under the videos, in the comments sections, make comments about the game that entice people to click on your affiliate link.  Place your affiliate link at the end of your comment.  For example: "You should see the musical game my kids and I use to maintain the cleanliness of our home and to get ready for school on time.  I never have to put on my "motivator hat" because the game is fun. You can see how to play it at www.(youraffiliatecode).com.   A good number of comments would be to post 100 per day.  It could take a week or more of posting before you start getting enough links out there to start seeing results. Anyone that goes to our website from your link, and then comes back later (within 6 months) to buy the game, will be tract and counted as a purchase to you. 

  • Answer comments and questions that people ask on the internet, and include your affiliate link, at places like

  • Do fundraisers for those in need (and keep a portion), or give any organization part of your commissions, or a flat fee, for letting you market to their people - as a fundraiser for them.

  • Video your family playing the game and put it on YouTube.  Put your affiliate link under your video for people to click on.  

  • Post your affiliate link on Facebook along with a short video clip of your family playing the game.

  • If you have any kind of a "following" (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, friends group, family...), let everyone know about the amazing new game you found, and give them your link. 

  • Write articles about the game and include your affiliate link in the article.  One way to do this is to go to  On the top right corner, click on "Help us" and then on "Write an Article" (then type your title), or click on "Answer A Request" to find a suggested topic.

  • You can always buy paid for advertising on Facebook and Google, or use native advertising with companies like Revcontent.  You could also pay to send out an email to a mom's group that has many members, or mail out postcards.