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How It Works

A CHORE CHART, gets jobs done with a parent’s role being to motivate the action every day.  This motivation usually includes nagging, bribing, counting, yelling, dictatorship and punishments etc.  It is many times easier to just do the chore oneself than to have to try and get someone else to do it. 


Using a chore chart leaves a parent with one of two options.  They can either choose to wear a “slave” hat or a “motivator” hat to get the house clean.  These choices are frustrating and depressing. 


There is, however, a THIRD option!  It is the happy and peaceful role of a TRAINER.

Chore Charts

train children to become teenagers who avoid their

nagging parents, and to think

that they should be rewarded

for taking care of a home which 

they already benefit from.

THE MIRACLE MUSIC GAME is a fun and simple system that instantly transforms a parent’s role into a calm and happy TRAINER and does it WITH ONLY THE PRESS OF A BUTTON! 

The Miracle Music Game

trains children to become teenagers who have the habit, skill, and desire to love others by serving them.

THE SHORT TERM RESULTS of playing the game are that the atmosphere of the home is instantly changed into positive and active participation.


  • “Acts of Kindness” (chores) get done, and the house stays clean

  • Family members get up and get ready for the day ON TIME in the mornings  

  • And they also get ready for bed ON TIME at night...


WITHOUT reminders from parents! 


The game also immediately starts building love between family members, increases the self-esteem of its players, and makes positive parenting simple and fun.


THE LONG TERM RESULTS of playing the game are that family members eventualy no longer need the externally motivating Miracle Music game, because they have developed the internal habits, skills, and desires to be independently responsible. 


THIS IS THE GOAL:  To raise children who are SELF-reliant in taking care of their necessary tasks QUICKLY and HAPPILY each day, so that they have the time and the desire to forget themselves and go to work helping others.  They should not be raised to be continually dependent on a product or a parent to get them to do jobs, to show love to others, or to have a good routine for getting ready for the day, and for going to bed at night.  They should be trained to do the right things for the right reasons so that they have the desire to continue doing them as adults, or when parents are not around.


Practicing the highly tested routines in The Miracle Music game trains family members to be talented in: 


  • THE SKILLS to clean every room in the house, and to do the laundry and make breakfasts as a professional.  They will learn this by the daily practicing of their LIFE SKILLS as they play The Miracle Music Game with their family each day.  Life skills are learned in the sme way that you learn to play the piano - by practicing them a few minutes each day.


  • THE HABIT of quickly taking ten minutes, each morning and evening, to clean two specific areas of the home.  They will also learn the habit of doing an easy routine, which gets their bed made, clothes on, hair done, breakfast eaten, and teeth brushed - in a short period of time, and without exterior motivation.  TIME MANAGEMENT will be learned.


  • THE DESIRE to clean the house and take care of oneself quickly and happily each day.  This desire happens when family members know THE REASON that they are making these efforts.  As they play The Miracle Music Game it becomes clear to them that they are doing daily “Acts of Kindness” (chores) for their family (and for themselves) to show them that they love them.  They see that their service benefits their family, that they are needed, and are part of a group that loves each other.  Sacrifice=Love.  Part of the game includes using words like, “I am doing the dishes because I love you and want you to have a clean dish to eat on at dinner tonight.” and “Thank you for doing the laundry for me.  You must really love me to make sure I have clean clothes to wear.”   

HOW IT WORKS:  To play the game, just place a CD player in a central location of the home, insert a Miracle Music CD, press the play button, and follow the verbal directions between the songs. 


Uplifting and powerfully motivating instrumental music will guide players (the whole family) through getting completely ready for the day and getting the house cleaned during the Morning Miracle Music CD.  The Evening Miracle Music CD will get family members ready for bed at night and then play 24 minutes of sleep music so that they can relax and go peacefully to sleep. 


There are eight points (tasks) that need to be completed each morning, and four every evening.  If the task, which is explained between the songs, is completed before the song ends, the player gets a point on the hard laminated, full color, magnetic game board. 


When 100 points is earned, that player gets a private date with either his/her mom, dad or spouse.  The dates are NOT a reward for completed work.  They are just a bonus.  Acts of Kindness (chores) are accomplished to show love to family members.  Sacrifice=Love  Having the desire to show others that they are loved, and seeing others love them, motivates players to be happily self-governed in accomplishing their every day necessary tasks.


The whole family, including parents, infants, small children, and teenagers play the game together each day until the habit, skill and desire to take care of ones body, surroundings, and to love others becomes automatic.  When this happens, The Miracle Music Game has done its job and is no longer necessary.


The game is played together as a family so that children learn from example that each person living within a home does their part to take care of it.  This becomes understandable when everyone is doing their ten minute “part” (Act of Kindness) at the same time. 

The Miracle Music Game

 has children practice the principals of unselfishness and love toward others, by having them give two daily “Acts of Kindness” to their family.  This trains them to have the habit, skill and desire to look for ways to love (sacrifice for) others.

Some teenagers may not like using the Miracle Musiic CD’s.  This is good news.  Since the goal is to have them be SELF-governed anyway, all you have to say is, “As soon as you can do your points WITHOUT the music on, I won’t put it on anymore”.  If they don’t do their points, you don’t have to get angry, just put the CD on, press “Play” and follow the six parenting principal listed on the back of the Game Board.  Teenagers are also motivated to do their points when they have a younger team-mate (brother or sister) to train.  Being a team-mate builds self-esteem because they feel needed, and it helps build close relationships between siblings.


The game makes it FUN for each family member to accomplish WHAT they need to do, WHEN they need to do it, in the LENGTH OF TME they need to do It, and most importantly the game makes it clear WHY they are doing it.  Sacrificing ones time and efforts to clean a part of the house is done to show ones family members that they are loving them by helping them to have a clean place to live. 


Parents use The Miracle Music game until the values strategically hidden within it are learned.  Some of those values are:


  • Knowing how to manage time

  • Being able to stay organized

  • Knowing how to love others

  • Having the skill to clean every area of a home as a professional

  • Knowing how to maintain consistent cleanliness

  • Having a great self-esteem by seeing family members show them love each day, and by sacrificing their time and energy to love them

  • Finding security within a family by having a consistent routine that they can count on each day

  • Having internal motivation to keep a house clean and to love others

RESEARCH:  Over twenty years of research was done on how to:


  • Effectively run a home smoothly and calmly each day

  • Get necessary things done QUICKLY and happily

  • Turn work into a fun game so that family members WANT to do work

  • Learn to work for the RIGHT reason which is to show others love

  • Get family members to develop emotionally close relationships with each other

  • Make sure family work is evenly distributed

  • How to listen to music over and over again without getting tired of it.  We found that this can happen when words are not part of the song and the song doesn’t use constant repetitions.

  • Turning parent’s into TRAINERS instead of them defaulting to the roles of either being a slave, or a negative motivator to their children

  • Inventing an easy, fun, and simple TRANSFORMATINAL (instead of informational) product that trains family members of all ages to be SELF-governed and motivated, so that they can become responsible adults.


One of the interesting findings we discovered during our research was that children’s brains have not yet developed to understand time frame.  We were then able to discover that their brains CAN understand time frame through the passage of music.  Using music as a timing mechanism in The Miracle Music Game enables a child to have a tangible understanding of how long they have to accomplish each task.


The Miracle Music Game

 uses music to enable children’s brains to understand the length of time that has passed.  This enlightenment makes it possible for them to accomplish a task in a specific amount of time.

Without music, children don’t know what parents are saying when they explain that they only have five minutes to do what needs to be done, and consequently, they do nothing.  When this happens, parents usually see their child’s action as “not listening” or as disobedience, which in turn motivates parents to feel angry.  Deterioration of their relationship occurs.  The reality is that the child simply does not comprehend what the parent has asked him/her to do. 


Playing The Miracle Music Game changes the same scenario into one that BUILDS the relationship between parents and their children because the child is able to understand and do what is expected.  “Acts of Kindness” (chores) get done and children get ready ON TIME.

The Miracle Music Game

helps build emotionally close relationships that can last forever.

Another amazing finding came when we researched how to build emotionally close relationships within a family.  We found that if a parent just decides to sacrifice his/her time and money to take a child out on a date, the child feels entitled to the date, and nothing the parent can do is ever enough for the child to be happy. 


If, however, THE CHILD sacrifices his time and energy, and looks forward to a date in the future, when he/she finally gets on the date he/she will want the date to be as much of a success as his parent does.  With this frame of mind, the child is open to emotional bonding with the parent, even if the date is as minimal as having a picnic on the floor of a bedroom while playing a game. 

The ANTICIPATION of the event, and the SACRIFICE to get there, are what makes the difference.  The Miracle Music Game puts these two principals into place so that parents can create emotionally close relationships with their children, and with their spouse. 


These emotionally bonding, high priority, and continuing private dates make memories and relationships that can last forever.


These are just two of the many valuable principals that are interwoven into The Miracle Music Game, which can be instantly implemented into any home and family WITH ONLY THE PRESS OF A BUTTON!

A Mothers Career:

To train children to have the habit, skill and desire

to take care of themselves, and to love others by serving them

– so that they can live happy lives

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