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Hi. My name is Christine Mullins. I am the inventor of The Miracle Music Game. My husband Terrell and I have nine children, one son in law, and two grand babies. 


I knew, at a very young age, that my career was going to be Motherhood.  I wanted to be the best mother that I could be, so I started paying attention to how my mom, and the other mothers in my neighborhood were raising their children, and running their homes.  Soon I started searching for and finding extraordinarily amazing families.  I went to their homes and interviewed the mothers of the families to find out their secrets and habits.  I even went as far as to travel to Canada to find these valuable women.


I also read every parenting book I could find, and went to seminars that taught successful family patterns like "Love and Logic," and Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective Families"...


On top of that, I took classes at BYU in Family Sciences.  I have to say, however, that I learned the most about how to be a mom from my own life experiences, and from my one on one interviews with real mom's.


My first daughter was born when I was twenty-two.  I was instantly overwhelmed with how many little, seemingly unimportant things filled up my days.  I asked myself, "How can I get all of these necessary things done quickly every day so that I can do what's important." I also looked at the files and files of treasured notes that I had taken over the years and again felt very overwhelmed.  I had no idea how to put the great wealth of knowledge I had learned so far into a daily routine.  I wanted to know what I should do when I wake up in the morning to apply the amazing principals of successful Motherhood that I had learned.  


Well, it has taken me over twenty-five years of daily dedication to continued research, hands on learning, and prayer to find solutions to those two questions, but I finally have some incredible and easy answers.


I learned that the two most important things that successful mothers are training their children in are:


1. How to take care of themselves and

2. How to love others by serving them.


Learning these two habits, skills, and desires seem to make all the difference in living happily, for children and adults!  So that became my goal, to train my children to live happily by learning these two happiness skills.  "But how exactly do I do that?" I thought.  I went back to studying my research notes.


Soon I narrowed my piles of research in these two areas down to six most important categories, and assigned just a few habits or skills to each one.  I then went on the hunt to find fun and effective products that would help me to train my children in these specific skills.  I figured that I couldn't train my children in everything so I just picked the skills that I felt were the most important and life changing, and decided to call my program The Six Pillars of Happiness.


There were some skills however, that I just couldn't find a product or program for - so my husband and I had to invent them. This was NOT an easy task.  It has taken years and years, and extreme sacrifices to create and manufacture these fun, easy to use, and highly transformational programs.  In fact, at one point Terrell quit his job, we sold our home that we loved, and everything we owned (except for our clothes and memory bins) and moved our family into my parents basement.  We did this so that we could spend our days creating a program that would train families in the skill of taking care of their bodies.  The skill falls under the Physical Pillar of Happiness, and the program is called The Whole Foods Cure.  It took us over fifteen years to find out how our bodies work, what causes them to malfunction, and how to get them functioning again, but we finally found amazing evidence, down to the very structure of the atom.  It helped that Terrell is a certified nutritionist, a whole foods chef, and a health coach.  


Knowing how to take care of our bodies, so that we don't become sick and diseased, and knowing what to do if we do become sick or diseased, are extremely important skills and habits to attain in learning how to live happily.  Our bodies are one of our most priceless posessions, and we can only do things to help ourselves and others when they are working well.


The Miracle Music Game is another product that builds happiness skills, which we also took years and years to invent.  It falls under The Physical AND The Social Pillars of Happiness because it focuses on two main skills.  1. It trains families to become good at the habits of easily, quickly, and with great skill, taking care of their physical surroundings each day. Living without clutter, and in a consistantly clean home, can greatly increase happiness and peace.  2. The game also trains family members how to build close relationships through developing the habit, skill, and desire to love others by serving them, and by getting into the habit of going on regular, meaningful, one on one dates.


Many people found out about our Six Pillars of Happiness Trainng Program and wanted to have it in their homes as well. So Terrell and I soon found ourselves selling our programs and teaching these happiness skills to large groups of people.  


Two of our products that can help you to train your family in the skills of happiness can be found at: 

and on this web-site (This website is currently being revised)


To learn more about The Six Pillars of Happiness Training Program, please leave your email with us so that we can let you know when another one of our easy to use, transformational happiness skills products is available, and also exciting parenting tips.

Some of our other products that build happiness skills that have already been invented, but haven't been manufactured yet, are: 


The Automatic Budget.  This falls under The Financial Pillar of Happiness.  It is an easy system that helps you to have immence peace of mind, and to not get into a financial crisis, even when you don't have a regular income.  It helps you to train family members (age 8 and up) how to easily stay on a budget (automatically), and how to turn money into a tool that shows love to your family, instead of it causing a sore spot in your relationships. My kids love to do the budget once a month for twenty minutes because it's set up like the game of bingo, and they get a prize. It has really helped to open their eyes to what it costs to live.  This has given them a desire to prepare themselves to make a good income in the future, and to help contribute to the family finances. The system builds family unity and teamwork.


My Character Journal.  This falls under the Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Pillars of Happiness. Christ said, "Come follow me."  But HOW exactly do we do that? This journal is set up with easy definitions and examples of different character traits of Christ, and a fun way to actually track how well you are doing at living them in your own life.  Developing the skills of having Christ-like character traits is a sure way to help yourself to live happily.


Ten Steps To Positive Conflict Resolution.  This falls under the Emotional, and Social Pillars of Happiness. It helps you to train even two year olds how to resolve their feelings, and conflicts with others, with a simple system.  Some adults have never learned this most important skill and continue to throw tantrums, or hold in and ignore their feelings in an attempt to be polite. Neither one of these communication patterns produces happy people or families, so it is a highly essential skill for all family members to learn.


My Motherhood training program (The Six Pillars of Happiness) is easy to use, and my binder is only 1" thick.  I just use the simple tools that it calls for to easily train my children, one day at a time, to live happily.  


Here's my Monday through Friday  Motherhood  Training  Schedule:


The Miracle Music points automatically turn on at 8:00am (I have them on a CD alarm clock in the living room).  By 8:45 everyone has eaten, the house is clean, the laundry and dishes are done, every one is dressed, and hair and teeth are brushed.  At 9:00 we have family scripture, journal, and prayer.  From 10:00 to 12:00 is learning (school) time and at 12:00 the kids use The Whole Foods Cure program to prepare a healthy lunch.  From 1:00 to 3:00 is service time.  It's amazing what you can find to do when you are focused on helping others, and know that you have a time set aside to DO SOMETHING to care every day.  On Fridays, however, we skip service time and go on a fun family fileld trip instead.  From 3:00 to 6:00 is free time. My kids always seem to have more time to socialize and play than their friends who go to public school, because their friends usually have to do chores and homework in the evenings.  From 6:00 to 8:30 is family dinner and play time (dancing, puzzles, reading, quilting, crocheting, card games, fire pits, and treats etc.).  At 8:30 we put the Evening Miracle Music CD on to get ready for bed. Then we have prayer and stories, and tuck the kids into bed.  We then turn the last track of the evening CD on.  It has beautiful slow paced music so that the kids can calm down and go to sleep.   Of course this is the ideal guideline, life happens in between.  It's great to have this set schedule though, so that when we get off track we can always pull ourselves back on to the path of being balanced and happy.


I have to say here that being a successful mother has everything to do with how hard you truly TRY to love, nurture, and prepare your children, and nothing to do with the choices your children make for their lives.  You just try your best to do your part, and that's enough. 


So now that you know my schedule, please feel free to email me ONLY if you have an emergency, OR if you'd like to just tell me something without you needing me to reply.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be best friends with all of you but I have decided not to have the schedule where I sit in front of my computer all day, ignoring my children, so that I can answer emails.  

I hope to meet you some day, and in the mean time, I hope to help you be the best at the most sygnificant and powerful career you coud ever have - Motherhood.


All My Best,

Christine Mullins



Please read at least the last three paragraphs above, and the Frequently Asked Questions section below, before you email us.  Thank you.