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If you print it out, frame it, and hang it on your wall, you will know exactly what to do to stay calm and happy as you train your children to become loving and responsible adults. We will also send you other valuable and infrequent parenting tips on HOW TO MAKE LIFE SIMPLE AND HAPPY.

Just Press The Play Button!

They Will Clean  The House!

They Will Get Ready 

For School, Church,

And Work On Time!

They Will Show  Acts Of Kindness  To Each Other!

They Will Go To Bed On Time

At Night!

Be The Best Mom Ever

With Only The Press Of A Button!


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For Ages 1 To 99


The Miracle Music Game automatically, and easily trains family members, of ALL ages, to have the habit, skill, and desire:


  • To keep the house clean (which helps build self esteem)

  • To get ready for the day on time in the morning

  • To love others by doing acts of kindness for them

  • And to go to bed on time at night.  


You won't have to repeat yourself over and over again, bribe, raise your voice, or threaten to ground them to get the necessities done.  And eventually you won't even have to use the powerfully motivating Miracle Music because your family will know; what to do, when to do it, and how long to take doing it - to maintain the cleanliness of their home, to regulate their time, to take care of themselves, and to build loving relationships.  


Just put the morning CD on a CD alarm clock and you won't even have to press the "Play" button.  42 minutes later the house will be clean, the laundry and dishes will be done, you will have love at home, and everyone will be ready to go for the day.  


The main purpose of the game is to train family members to love each other by doing daily acts of kindness.  Having a clean house is just a really great side benefit.  Once you hear your two year old, your teenager, or your husband thank you for loving them during your act of kindness point, you will know that the game has changed "chores" into powerful tools that your family can use to show love to each other.

Without Miracle Music...


They avoid their nagging parents, and think that they should be paid to take care of a home that they already benefit from.

With Miracle Music... 



They are trained with The Miracle Music Game to have the habit, skill, and desire

to love others by serving them.



Fun Mornings


Peaceful Evenings


No More Hassel

The Miracle Music Game

Simple, Organized, Effective, Fun, Life-Changing

Be The Best Mom Ever With Only The Press Of A Button


 Invented By A Mom After 20 Years Of Research On How To Prepare Children

To Live Happy Adult Lives, And How To Help Moms Love Their Motherhood Career.